Wholesale MSI Radeon RX 580 Mining Graphics Card for sale

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Wholesale MSI Radeon RX 580 Mining Graphics Card for sale


RX 580 Miner 

RX 580 Miner:  AMD recently launched new series of GPU mining cards, the RX570 and RX580. Both of these cards have received mixed reviews from the mining community. It is hard to say which GPU card holds the best features; different mining GPU’s are being released every month. Still not aware of the features of the newly launched AMD RX 580 mining card? Here is what you should know about it:

Hashrate and Power Consumption

The RX 580 offers 24 MH/s hashrate and draws 136 W Power; however, when it is overclocked then its hashrate accelerates to 29 MH/s and it draws 153 W of power.

Cooling System

Another positive feature of the RX 580 miner processor is that it can easily cool down despite performing a large number of mining calculations. There are three fans available in the system that efficiently cools down the card. The overclocking is often confined by the cooling capacity of the GPU. To increase the performance of the card, you can install a custom cooling system on your cards. However, the process of installation of the additional cooling system is both an expensive and a time-consuming process.

Therefore, if you are a part-time miner or a beginner who is just about to start his career in cryptocurrency mining, then you should not install a custom card. If you are looking for a high-quality GPU mining card, then purchasing AMD RX 580 will make your money worth count for you.

Automated Cooling System

The fans of the card turn off and on automatically and when the card reaches a temperature of 640C. In addition to this, the cooling fans installed under RX 580 cards less noisy as compared to other mining cards that are available within the same range.

According to experts, the Geforce’s signature fans reduce the heat and cools down the system without any requirement of the external or custom cooling hardware. Due to an impressive cooling system, the lifespan of the card is greater than the other mining cards available in the market.

High Cores

Here, it is worth mentioning that RX 580 features 2.432 CUDA cores, but its predecessor 570 has only 1,920. The other great feature of the RX 580 is that its base watch is 100 MHZ which is excellent, but its rated boost clock remains unchanged at 1683 MHZ.

Cons: Speed Issue

The AMD RX 580 mining card has serious speed issues related to it. It is not fast hence not suitable for professional miners who are seriously working in the cryptocurrency industry.

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RX 580 is a great GPU for cryptocurrency mining. Although it comes at a price which is a bit expensive, it has amazing features; it is a perfect match for crypto miners who always look for speed and effectiveness while mining any cryptocurrency.

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